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     Contemporary & Tango Dancer - Performer - Choreographer - Dance Teacher

My name is Libertad Esmeralda Iocco (she-her) and I am a contemporary dancer, teacher and choreographer graduated in 2016 at "Escuela de Danzas Clásicas de La Plata" in La Plata, Argentina my home country. I also trained in contemporary dance classes and workshops with teachers like Lucas Condró, Diana Seimblum, Jorgelina Mongan, Romina Simone, Eshu Roblejo, Luciano Cejas, Jhosro Adubi, Andrej Petrovic and Wim Vandekeybus. In 2022 I finished the intensive dance program DART in Berlin with many recognized choreographers and teachers.
In 2014 I started to learn tango dance in Argentina with different teachers.
I am currently living in Berlin dancing, creating my own choreographies and teaching contemporary and tango dance.
I belong to the interdisciplinary art group Fraktalwerk Projekt Raum that aims to create participatory art productions.

My main interest in dance lies in the research of my own language and improvisation with tools that come from dance and theater. I am used to use unconventional spaces, objects and interdisciplinary art.

Danced pieces:

  • "Hacia la contemplación" by Prajna Karuna. Argentina (2013),

  • SeMiCirculo (contemporary-tango dance) by Lucia Sandoval. Argentina (2014), 

  • “Paisaje para flauta y bailarina” (2015) Created together with Jeremías Adriel Martínez. Argentina

  • “Los Chinchulines y el diamante azul" by Mercedes Falkenberg Argentina (2015)

  • "Tanz Frau" by Alejandro Lariguet. Argentina (2018)

  • "El viaje es nuestro" together with Ana Kancepolsky Teichmann (2020) La Plata, Argentina

  •  „Traumbeute “ by Fraktalwerk Projekt Raum (2020) Berlin, Germany

  • "Zeitbruch" (2021) by Valentina Menz (Potsdam, Germany)

  • “Cosmica 1971” by Britt Augus (2022) Berlin, Germany

  • “Der Nachmittag eines unendlichen Tages” (2022 by Iocco) Chemnitz, Germany

  • “The known unknown” (2023, by Akiles) Berlin, Germany

  • “The evening of an infinite day. Duet version” (A.part Festival 2023 by Iocco & Contreras) Berlin, Germany

Choreographies by me

  • MalVinas (Dance video) by Danzaación. Argentina (2016) 

  • "Opuesto Complementario" (2016) by Libertad E. Iocco. Argentina (2017)

  • "Velar por" Performance directed by Rosa M. Teichmann. Argentina (2018)

  • "Replica" (dance video) by Mercedes Falkenberg. Argentina (2018)

  • “El viaje es nuestro” Performance of Dance and Poetry directed by Iocco and Kancepolsky Teichmann. Argentina (2020)

  • In 2021 I was awared for the Dis-Tanz-Solo scholarship to develop my work "Entangelments" that researched elements between dance, everyday gestures and deaf language and then I gave a participatory art workshop in Chemnitz.

  • “Der Nachmittag eines unendlichen Tages” (2022) Chemnitz, Germany

  • “The evening of an infinite day. Duet version” (A.part Festival 2023 by Iocco & Contreras) Berlin, Germany

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